The Wrestler

This movie affected me. I think that’s the mark of a great movie; that when the closing credits are rolling, you find yourself sitting there feeling like you’ve just been somewhere. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. We can all relate to Mickey Rourke’s character in The Wrestler. Randy “The Ram” Robinson is… Continue reading The Wrestler

General Colin Powell Takes On The Neo-Conservatives

It’s probably no surprise to anyone, but I’ve been reading rhetoric from the Republicans that has put me in a fighting mood. Mostly, I’m getting tired of how maggots like Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh are going after Gen. Colin Powell. While Right-Wing Neo-Con nutjobs might not be able to conceptualize this fact, most of… Continue reading General Colin Powell Takes On The Neo-Conservatives


It’s always fun to watch Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but this movie just didn’t click for me. I understood what they were going for and trying to say, but it just didn’t come across as very compelling. Except for providing an opportunity to chew some scenery, I can’t imagine what it was about… Continue reading Doubt

The Book of Boraeli

I’ve been thinking seriously about putting together a collection of the spiritual wisdom of an ancient race from one of my books. This started me poking around a bit on the Internet, looking for ways to frame this work. I mean, would it be on its own web site? Would it be kept here on… Continue reading The Book of Boraeli

Waterboarding Dick Cheney: Prove Those Techniques Are Not Torture

I’ve been listening to Dick Cheney’s recent claims that the Bush Administration was justified in doing anything and everything that it wanted to do, including the torturing of detainees. While my initial reaction was to wish that Dick Cheney would just shut the hell up and go away, I now think it’s good that Cheney… Continue reading Waterboarding Dick Cheney: Prove Those Techniques Are Not Torture

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American Idol and Being American

I’ve had a few things going through my head since Kris Allen won this season’s American Idol. None of which I’ll really get into here. Suffice it say that I knew Kris Allen was going to win because he’s the very prototype of American Idol product. Adam Lambert was the antithesis of everything American Idol… Continue reading American Idol and Being American

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Encounter At UPS

I overheard an Indian gentleman at the UPS store, who, upon reflecting on the number of people waiting in line, said; “This is a cluster of fucks.”

Democrat Socialist Party: An Astonishingly Stupid GOP Resolution

Occasionally a story comes along that leaves one blinking, wondering if it’s a joke or if people have finally lost their minds. Lately, though, a steady stream of ridiculous and bizarre inanities have been streaming forth from the Republicans and their Far Right supporters, and I’m beginning to wonder if they’re actually crazy. First the… Continue reading Democrat Socialist Party: An Astonishingly Stupid GOP Resolution

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