All Is Well! All Is Well!

I opened an envelope today and found myself swallowing a low level panic attack because of its contents. It was a check from my employer, and it turned out to be 1/3 of the amount I was hoping for. This triggered my panic reponse, and left me feeling like I couldn’t quite catch my breath.… Continue reading All Is Well! All Is Well!

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Revolutionary Road

This was a good, but ultimately depressing movie. Maybe parts of it hit too close to home. Which, I guess, is what a good movie is supposed to do. In the end, though, I found myself hoping that this couple would just up and go to Paris already. Yes, I wanted the happy ending. But,… Continue reading Revolutionary Road

Return To Just In Time

I’ve agreed to play bass with the Just In Time Band. These guys are some friends who I played guitar with toward the end of last year, before various issues forced me to move on. But I’ve generally stayed in touch with them, and I was more than happy to jump back in as bass… Continue reading Return To Just In Time

So Long, John

I stare at the body for a long time. That’s what I’m supposed to do. I know the routine. I’ve been here before. Same funeral home. Same situation. They always put the coffin in this same place. Well, they have in recent memory, anyway. Twenty one years ago my father was at the front of… Continue reading So Long, John

Yes Man

Actually, I tried to give this movie three stars, but my finger just wouldn’t click on it. It wasn’t a bad movie, exactly. It was just one of those mindless comedies. Honestly, I was left feeling like Jim Carrey’s incredible talent was being wasted in a banal movie like this. Still, I think maybe it… Continue reading Yes Man


There’s never peace. Moments, maybe, when there’s less pain. But never real peace. Storm winds whip through my hair and tug at my dress, teasing me with release. But I know better. I look up at the dark sky and sigh, glaring at the heavy clouds that linger out over the ocean. They threaten to… Continue reading Billie

Heavy Metal

The last time I watched this movie was on VHS tape. It was fun to watch it again after all these years. This isn’t everyone’s thing, I’m sure, but I love animation. This movie has some great, hand-drawn animation (no computer animation here – sorry Pixar fans), and one of the best soundtracks ever. Maybe… Continue reading Heavy Metal

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