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“Most human beings don’t worship God. They worship religion, without realizing that there’s a vast difference between religion and God. They’re not one and the same.” ~ Wicasta Lovelace


Rise Of The Robots – HRP-4C

When I saw this robot, I was tweaked. It’s amazing the think about how far robotics has come in the last 10 years. It wasn’t so long ago that developers thought the artificial balance problem would keep robots from walking like humans for a very long time to come. To see this robot walking so […]

Misinformation The Watch

The Tea Party’s Bizarre And Toxic Take on History

I’ve been trying to explain to some of my well-meaning, but terribly misguided relatives why I have such a fundamental problem with the so-called Tea Party “movement”. Then I ran across an excellent article by Ron Rosenbaum on the Slate web site, which discusses the Tea Party revisionism and why, as I’ve contended, it’s dangerous […]

Site Updates

Facebook Page: Slowly But Surely Joining the 21st Century Hive-Mind

I’ve had quite a few people ask me why this web site doesn’t have a Facebook page. Honestly, I never thought anyone would be interested. But, with Facebook making moves to begin their take-over of all social networking, I figured it was about time we got in-line with The Borg. So… if you have a […]

Religion The Watch

Franklin Graham – Smearing Islam

by Robert de Neufville When evangelist Franklin Graham – son of the better known Billy Graham – had his invitation to the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service rescinded after Muslim members of the military complained about comments he made about their religion, Sarah Palin leapt to his defense. “Are we really so hyper-politically correct,” […]


Billie (short story)

Billie is the story of a woman who is not what she seems to be. Excerpt; Every eye turns in my direction. I smile at some of the patrons. Acknowledge others. Some smile, warm and friendly. Some glower at me, still smarting from recent slights. Half of them are stuck here because of me, passing […]


The Weight Of Flesh (poem)

The Weight Of Flesh How I resent these stiff, tortured bones, the aching, sweaty weight of flesh. I would be free, formless and weightless; a whisper on soft summer winds. I would be strong, but incorporeal; rolling thunder and falling rain… Become music, and danced abandon; slip these mortal bonds for the skies. Kings Mountain, […]


That Which She Will Never Speak

Neither the hand of God Nor the touch of angels Not the turn of good luck Nor the prayers of the faithful Have brought me to this moment Where I breathe and consider The simple act of being. Neither divine providence Nor positive energy Not tears of the mothers Nor intercession by preachers Have brought […]

Music Blog

New Strings And Ill Intent

I got in some new strings for my acoustic guitars this week. Windhaven was supposed to record this week, but it had to be put aside when a family member was in a terrible auto accident. Now that things are settling down a bit, I’m ready to re-string the guitars and get started recording at […]

Main Blog

My Thoughts Are With Michelle

Early yesterday morning Victoria’s youngest daughter, Michelle, was in a car accident. She totaled her truck and was initially thought to be just bruised up a bit, with possibly a broken rib. As it turned out, the family got a big scare. Michelle ruptured her aorta and lacerated her kidney. She was bleeding internally. This […]

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