Nov 22, 2011 – The Heavy Metal Show

Wicasta presents the first ever Indie Frontline Heavy Metal show, with music by Pekka Loikkanen, Morbid North, Jartse Tuominen, Ramsey / Loikkanen, Sunshine & Bullets, Riverdies and Not Tonight Josephine.

Nov 15, 2011 – One Leg Rooster

Wicasta talks with Mickey Floyd and Warren Leazer of the band One Leg Rooster and features songs “Southern Soul Samba”, “All Men Lie”, “Shakey Ground”, “Mill Hill”, “Cripple Chicken” and “Burn The Liquor Store Down”.

The Ghost In The Machine

The Ghost in the Machine by Cat Meff

I am the ghost in the machine,The fixer of all things,Purveyor of time and hopeAnd oblivion.Look into my eyes for strength,Into my heart for understanding,And when morning comes againThere is change.Do not fear me, do not hate me,For I walk among youAs a beacon of possibilityAnd promise.Look to me for your stability,And in times of… Continue reading The Ghost In The Machine

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Nov 1, 2011 – Lee Pons

Wicasta talks with Tampa Bay icon Lee Pons, Creative Loafing’s 2009 Local Blues Artist of the Year and semi-finalist of the 2010 International Blues Competition in Memphis, about his unique piano technique, his life, career and his latest CD, “Big Boogie Voodoo”.

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