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4th Load And Behind

Tennessee on I-40 eastbound, coming up on exit 432. This is our 4th load, and we’re already running behind for the week. We were doing pretty good, but have been slowed down by snow through Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois on this trip and the previous two. It adds up. For instance, on good weeks we deliver this load in north cove around 06:00 on Friday morning. Today we’ll be lucky to get there by 13:00. 7 hours behind schedule. We had hoped that this week would be different, and that we might get home on Sunday night. That’s not going to happen. If our last four runs go as planned the best we can hope for is to get home around 04:30-05:00 Monday morning. I’m not sure what the odds are of nothing else delaying us, but I do know that it’s supposed to snow all throughout next week in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. May the gods have mercy; I am so desperately looking forward to spring.

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