Showering In Lowell, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana. We had to stop here so that Mara could take a shower. We were fueling at the Pilot across the street and the hose came out of the tank, showering her with diesel fuel. Needless to say, she has to get that off of her skin and make sure that she gets it out of her eyes. I’ll join her in the shower in a minute.
First I’m going to call Mama. I need to get her to e-mail me Cloninger & Niesler’s phone number, as well as Paul Yale at CCB’s number. C&N are taking so long with getting Mama’s judgements resolved that Paul Yale is now saying that it might put our loan in jeopardy. If that happens, I’m going to strangle someone at C&N. I’m going to call them tomorrow. And if we haven’t gotten somewhere by Monday, I’m going to go up there and put the fear of Me into them. I’m sick of this shit.
In other news, I think Loyd is doing okay now that he’s home from the hospital. Of course we’ll need to keep our fingers crossed.

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