Fuck Chip Childers

Mama saw Chip Childers today. I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned Chip in these pages. Chip is, or was, my step-brother, son of my step-father, James A. Childers. Mama saw him at First National Bank. She had gone by to make a deposit, and Childers Roofing (which Chip is running now) was doing some roofing work. As Mama was leaving, she thought she saw Chip, and decided to circle back by and say hello. He looked up as she came back around the corner, and she waved at him. Mama said that he just looked at her and then turned away. It really, really hurt her feelings, and so she didn’t stop. She just went on home, and cried on the way.
When Mama told me about that, it pissed me off. Chip has acted like a little bitch for many years now, as has his (our) sister, Terry. They’ve treated Mama like shit for years. I don’t know. I don’t get it. Their father is the one who fucked around on Mama with his secretary, and then treated Mama like a dog, trying to get her to leave the house and file for divorce. Their father was the one who royally fucked over Mama in the divorce proceedings because Mama was so trusting, and was trying so hard to be fair. I’ve never understood how these people get off treating Mama like she was the one who did something wrong.
I still haven’t forgotten how Chip used to come in up at Peggy’s Restaurant (where Mama was cook) and eat, and then leave without saying as much as a hello to Mama. Why the fuck even come up there, if not to make some sick kind of point? I haven’t forgotten how Terry walked all around Mama at Second Baptist Church and never said a word to her. I still haven’t forgotten how I was treated after the divorce; one time in particular when I went to visit “Daddy” at his apartment, and he and Chip sat there and talked, without even acknowledging that I was there. I would learn later that Mama had received this treatment for years before things came to a head.
All I know is that the entire Childers family seems to have suffered, and I hope that they’ve been fucking miserable. There’s never been a group of people who deserve it more. Not so much because “Daddy” fucked around on Mama with Pat Shirkey (his secretary) and then later married her. But because of the way they treated Mama. I could care less about myself. But Mama was a mother to Chip and Terry. She loved them as if they were her own. She deserves much better than she’s received from these ungrateful fucks.
All this said, I have to admit that I haven’t been knocking down Jim Childers’ door of late. I’ve always felt like that door wasn’t open to me. Especially given the intricacies involved concerning the fact that he married that secretary, and that I was, at best, the son of “the other woman.” Pat certainly made it clear that I wasn’t welcomed by giving that smug smile whenever I was around. Everyone knows that there’s nothing worse than a whore who makes good.
I guess maybe that’s the reason this sticks in my craw so much. Who the fuck are these people to look down their noses at Mama? Until I started writing this I never realized how deeply I resent their arrogance, and how desperately I wish a pox would fall upon their houses. Fuck these pathetic pieces of shit.

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9 years ago

WOW, after reading your story it triggered issues from my own family, it really sucks when you treat family fair and try to be generous and it turns out they shit on you ……..I can only offer up the means of working thru the issues (definitely not w/ the culprit) otherwise a root of resentment/hostilities can take root ………the other day I heard the horror story of a brother in Arkansas killing his sister and father over some unresolved family crap (actually sounded like my own story, I was fortunate to not act out such hostilities, otherwise guess I likewise would be in prison)