More Southerner Bashing

More Southerner bashing. I was listening to the XM Comedy channel on XM Radio. They were doing a Stand-Up Sit-Down segment with comedian Will Durst. For those who aren’t familiar with Mr. Durst, he’s a political comedian and a funny guy. Anyway, the segments hosts were Sonny Fox and Joel Haas. During the course of the conversation, Sonny Fox asked Will Durst if there were areas of the country where his humor didn’t go over, and Durst said something to the effect that there were areas in the South where he didn’t go much. This led Fox and Haas to each comment something to the effect that Southerners weren’t smart enough to get Durst’s humor. Geez. And all this time I thought Durst was funny. I was kind of disappointed to find out that because I’m from North Carolina I can’t get his jokes.
I’m not mad or ranting or anything. I’m just disappointed.

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