Behringer Ultrabass

I picked up Mark’s bass from Cleveland Music here in Kings Mountain today. We dropped it off by there yesterday before we went down to the practice building with Mark. The Alembic pickup was plug and play, but it needed to be grounded. It also needed some knobs and some mounting nuts for the volume and tone pots. Anyway, went up to Cleveland Music to check on Mark’s bass. It was finished. I played it through a little Behringer Ultrabass amp, and I was fucking impressed. That Alembic pickup kicks ass.
I also liked the bass amp I played it through. I liked it so much that I bought it. It’s a 30-watt Behringer Ultrabass combo. 30 watts doesn’t sound like much, but this amp really puts out. I only paid about a little over $100 for it. Now I’ll be able to wander around and jam at short notice, without having to lug around a head and a cabinet. Christ. I realized today that this is the first time in my 38 years that I’ve owned an amp. Any I’m a musician? That’s sad, somehow.
Well, Mark is happy about his pickups. I’m happy about my amp. Right now all is good in the neighborhood. I’ll take it.

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