About To Go To Bed

I’m about to go to bed. I should have already gone. Mara was kind of down. We’ll get up tomorrow morning and be on the verge of being back on the road, in a truck with no air conditioning, running for a company and a dispatcher who couldn’t give a shit about us as people. We’ll make do, as we always do, and we’ll be fine once we start rolling. But the thought that our week of freedom is over is a depressing one.
On a lighter note, I just ordered the electronics for Dawg’s bass. I’ll order the pickups later, but I wanted to feel like I was getting somewhere with it. Maybe because I’m feeling a little guilty that I took the Alembic Activator pickup off of Dawg’s bass and gave it to Mark. I’m kind of excited by this. All I need now are the actual pickups, which I’ll buy sometime before we have our next week off. I hope Dawg likes what I’m doing here, because when I get through he’ll have a real bass, and not just some project castaway.

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