Someone Screwing With The Feeds?

I got really annoyed at XM Radio today. One of the channels I listen to most these days is the America Left channel. I’ve noticed that the channel seems to have an inordinate amount of trouble. So much so, and so persistently so, that I had begun to seriously wonder if there was some Conservative tech guy screwing with the feeds; especially Air America, and especially Al Franken. Today (Saturday; when they play repeats), show segments were played out of order or repeated several times. There were audio loops that kept repeating, as well. For instance, someone would start talking and then a few seconds later their words would start over on top of the current words; essentially making mud. At first I thought maybe it was a technical glitch, but it happened too many times just as someone was about to mention a phone number or a name. I have no doubt that someone at XM Radio is screwing up the Air America feed. It’s so angered Mara and I that we’re thinking about checking up on XM Radio’s competitor, Sirius.

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