Janeane Garofalo Offends Me

I listened to Majority Report on Air America tonight. It’s funny. It took Janeane Garofalo all of 10 minutes to offend me. She was talking about the Fox Network and said that the only people who listened to Fox News were “hill folk and the uneducated.” Now, being from North Carolina it could be said that I am “hill folk.” I took strong offense at the use of this term; and I’m tired of hearing this woman using Southern stereotypes to denote anyone who she believes is ignorant or uneducated. Anyone who offends her gets called “cracker,” “hillbilly,” “redneck,” “bubba,” etc. It doesn’t matter who they are or where they’re from; apparently the worst insult that she can heap upon them is to imply that they’re Southern. As I’ve said before, for someone who claims to believe that political correctness is goo thing, she sure seems to have trouble walking the walk. This hypocrisy is one of the reasons I rarely make it through an entire Majority Report. Every time I turn it on Garofalo pisses me off by using offensive Southern stereotypes to beat down her opposition. We’re supposed to be on the same side, but I can’t help but think that upon hearing my Southern accent she would automatically dismiss me as a cracker hillbilly and proceed to berate me about slavery and The Civil War. The unfortunate thing here is that she would assume that she is more intelligent and more educated based on nothing more than my accent. Doesn’t that sound most like a prejudiced Conservative?

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