Ronnie Hawkins – The Conservative Choice

I just saw when coming into town this morning that Ronnie Hawkins is running for county commissioner. He’s billing himself as “the conservative choice.” I’m not sure why, but this really bugs me. I suppose because of the way he acted after Loretta died. Loretta thought the world of that man, and he didn’t seem to extend much to the family in the way of courtesy. It was all business, and I think it really hurt Mama. Also when the issue arose over Tim Whatshisname trying to double bill us for the flower arrangements they made for the funeral, Ronnie told Mama that it really wasn’t his problem. I was shocked. I mean, I know that it’s probably true that Loretta was more Ollie’s friend than Ronnie’s, Loretta thought a lot of Ronnie Hawkins. I saw his face on a daily basis at the cafe (Loretta’s business, Peggy’s Restaurant). I never much liked him, because I always felt like there was something false about him. He had that kind of smile that politicians have, and that only old women buy into. But Mama and Loretta would have fought you over him, and I kept my mouth shut. So I was especially aggrieved to realize after Loretta had died that I was, in fact, correct in my assumptions.
I suppose for the rest of my life I won’t much care for Ronnie Hawkins. And I suppose it’ll bug me whenever I see his name plastered around town on political posters, and his fake smile beaming about as he works his way up the political ladder. He never seems to miss a chance to mention his former employer and “mentor,” North Carolina Senator Ollie Harris (who was incredibly kind to Mama and Loretta, and who often had Christmas dinner with my family). But Ronnie Hawkins is no Ollie Harris.

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