Dreaming Of A Monster


First was some sort of Charlie Sheen / Jon Cryer type thing. Guy talks to his friend. His relationship with a girl is failing.

Young girl in her Mama’s house. She’s cleaning up because the house has been neglected. Somehow this morphs into something else. House full of people. Chica is playing a guitar or some other instrument. I dig out my 12-string bass and start to play along, but don’t get far. There are noises outside.

These turn out to be a monster (as in Godzilla-sized) coming through the city in the distance. Our house is in some sort of compound. I go next door to warn our neighbor, who is Danny Bridges. He’s aware of the problem. He comes out and starts closing off gates to seal the compound. I slowly realize that he’s sealing us in while he intends to leave, believing that the monster is coming for him.

Anyway, he leaves, and, sure enough, is picked up by the monster. By this time the monster has morphed into giant crow. From our compound we can see its nest on a hill (the terrain looked like California). There are a couple of babies in the nest. We know that Danny’s in there, too. The big crow flies off. Danny’s head pops up. He jumps out of the nest, runs down the hill and jumps the fence into the compound. He’s wounded, but giddy.

I was awakened then, so there’s no resolution to these dreams.

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