Revelations About Ford Heights, Illinois

I didn’t mention it last Thursday because I had other things on my mind, but one of the guys at our customer in Chicago Heights, Illinois said something about Ford Heights (where I was set-up by a cop). For one thing, the guy said that Ford Heights was one of the poorest communities around there, and that they had a long history of doing the kind of thing they did to me (for those who don’t know, a cop pulled me over and claimed that he clocked me on radar doing 50 in a 35 on US 30, when I was never on 30, came off of SR 394 into a 40mph zone and never got above 45). The guy told Mara that there had been several investigations into the activities of the cops in that community, but that it hadn’t changed anything.
So! Beware if you’re going to be going through Ford Heights, Illinois. Especially if you’re in a commercial vehicle. And especially if your skin is white.

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