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A Cool Guy's Cool Kit In Modern Drummer

My old friend Del Westcott, whom I played with in Systematic Chaos, has had his Halloween drum kit featured in the October, 2010 issue of Modern Drummer. If you’re into drums at all, I highly recommend you pick up this issue. If you don’t know Del, you might not give a crap about checking out his kit, but if you’re into drums and you’re curious about some cool customization, I have no doubt you’ll think it was worth the price of admission. Besides, there are a handful of other interesting articles in the magazine, as well.

I’m glad Del’s drum kit was featured in the magazine this year. He was very disappointed when it didn’t make it into last year’s Halloween issue. So… kudos to Del. Hopefully he’ll have the drum kit tricked out during his band, Dramatica’s, upcoming gigs in October. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you should check out the band, and Del’s mighty Halloween drum kit. And keep an eye out for issues of Modern Drummer. Surely one of these days you’ll see Del on the cover.

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