A Dream And The Lost Song

Hope Mills, North Carolina. I’m delivering the load I picked up this morning in Georgia. I don’t think The Company has anything for me after this. Big surprise there, huh?
Mostly I’m writing because of a dream I had last night, which I wanted to mention, and which I’ve thought about quite often today. I don’t remember anything else about the dream, but I remember a song. I was in a house of some sort, and this band was playing a song. Sort of ethereal, in the Trance vein. The sort of music that’s been in my head surrounding Neima. I don’t remember any of it. No melody. No lyrics. But there were women singing it. A complete song, from beginning to end, with full lyrics and harmonies. Like my mind put on a concert just for me.
At the end of the song, I was standing there focusing and unfocusing my eyes (long story; it’s something I’ve always done). One of the women who was singing said “You can come out of your trance now” and laughed. I didn’t want to tell her that I was just goofing. But it occured to me after I woke up that maybe I hadn’t been. Maybe the song was the reason I had gone all fuzzy.
Like I said, i don’t remember the song. But I sort of hope it’s locked away in my skull somewhere. Maybe some day it’ll come out. Or maybe I’ll walk into a small club somewhere and my siren will be singing it. And I remember her, I wonder if she’ll remember me?

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