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A New Approach To An Old Problem

While preparing to get the various segments of the web site back online, I decided that I was going to take a slightly different approach. Whereas the old design essentially had each section boasting its own theme, that confused some people. So this time around, I’m trying to make a more unified presentation. Before the recent problems with my server, I had already fallen in love with the theme I was using for the main page. It naturally made sense to begin using this on some of the other sections, as well.

What that means to the Music section is that I’ll be using the Headline and Featured slots to highlight various musical projects, as well as deliver news on upcoming gigs or anything else that seems to warrant a mention. I think the new approach will make a lot more sense than the old.

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Claire Mulkieran
13 years ago

I like the new layout. It makes more sense and comes off as much more professional. I never wanted to say anything, but the old Music theme reminded me of one of those old personal pages you see on Geocities or something. Love ya!

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