A Present From Mara

Mara came back from Charlotte a little while ago with a present for me. She brought me a CD, “Fragile” by Yes. I’ve been wanting it for a while. This is a remastered version, and I have to say that I’m astounded by the difference it makes. The Yes albums I’ve listened to for most of my life always sounded kind of muddy. This reissue is like a veil being lifted.
I know that you’ll think I’m a dinosaur for listening to Yes. I really couldn’t give a shit. I keep hoping that one of these days all of these supposedly enlightened teens and twenty-somethings will open the minds, crawl out of their passionately defended cliques and give something (anything) list Yes a chance in spite of the fact that this music was made before their era.
I could care less if the kids can appreciate this kind of music. I’m grateful that it’s been given a new lease on life. Finally, Yes is accessible (the muddy sound of previous copies turned off a lot of potential fans).

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