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We’ve been making politics sexy for over a decade.

The MinutemanThe Watch started as a Yahoo! mailing list on May 16, 1999, and was originally intended to alert interested individuals of things that they needed to be concerned about. Legislation, media bias, lies, crimes, social movements, encroaching religious fervor; that kind of stuff. Although stories have been suggested at times and the occasional reference material is sent my way, The Watch has largely been the work of one person. Given the healthy ego of the madman behind this web site, the arrangement has worked well through the years.

The original mission statement of The Watch was to alert concerned Pagans to the activities and policies of Religious Right groups, radically conservative media, and Government officials who have uncomfortably close ties with various Religious Right groups. I never promoted any agenda other than that of alerting my readers to issues which I believe they should be apprised of. Through the years the Pagan focus has fallen aside (mostly because Pagans turned out to be as apathetic as everyone else), and what’s left is a web site devoted to those people of all faiths and races who have the most to lose if the Religious Right and Right-Wing Conservatives have their way with The Constitution.

As I’ve often said, if anyone feels that I’ve targeted specific parties or political personalities by our articles and alerts, I hope you will all remember that, for instance, “George W. Bush” is not included in our search parameters, but “Christian Coalition” is. That the two often show up together in news articles is entirely beyond my control.

In recent years The Watch has stopped being a source for distributed news and has become my personal take on things. Quite frankly, I was always on shaky legal ground in re-distributing news articles, even though I never did it for profit and the readership was microscopic at best. Now if there’s a story that I think people should know about, I write my own articles, or at the very least make pertinent comments to point out why I think the issue is worth noting.

Watch Alert list members are encouraged to redistribute The Watch updates to anyone who might be concerned. Sometimes interesting stories slip through the cracks or are under-reported by the mainstream media. The more people who know about them, the better.

The Watch is supported and subsidized by Windhaven Network, LLC. Those bastards are just as responsible for this as I am.

~ Wicasta Lovelace

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