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No, my friends. I have not drank the Kool-Aid. But I do watch American Idol every week with Victoria. One can’t help but form certain opinions about it. I’ve always kept well clear of it. Mostly because none of the incredible artists who I grew up listening to could win a manufacturing contest such as American Idol (where people are admonished for not showing the judges more of who they really are while simultaneously being stuffed into the meat grinder of the American pop culture machine).
Actually, the reason I’m writing this is that I’m thinking of a perfect example of why I’ve avoided the show all these years. While the spectacle is interesting, and some really talented people have came from that show, overall it’s a cotton candy factory. This year, there’s one name that sums that up better than anything I could say. His name is Jason Castro. Gods, it pains me to watch this guy on the stage.
Kristy Lee Cook was voted off last night. Now, I was hardly a fan of hers. But it’s apparent to me that she has a lot more talent than Jason Castro. But she’s gone and he’s still there. What’s up with that? Jason Castro doesn’t even fucking try. He just shows up, meanders listlessly through his songs, and little girls cry and the judges applaud. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t the guy be required to at least try to show that he’s interested? He seems like he thinks his looks will get him through. Probably because so far it has. So he skates through with that little smirk on his face. But he’s still there. Kristy Lee Cook is gone. Michael Johns is gone. Why is Jason Castro still there?
Okay, so don’t go thinking I’m a fan of the show because I listed some names. I had to look all of these names up. Hell, I went to the American Idol web site, and I didn’t know a couple of the people who were listed in the top 24. I had to dredge my brain to remember who David Hernandez was.
There are only three people on the show who interest me. David Cook. Brook White. And Carly Smithson. The rest seem like product to me. And thus far, I’ve managed to avoid the American Idol brand of product.

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