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Anna Benson: The Right’s Favorite Trophy Wife & Mean Girl

Quote:You are a pariah to our nation… a fat kid that got beat up by the jocks at school, and this has formulated your hatred of America. If I didn’t know any better, I would thing George W. himself went to school with you and kicked the shit out of your pie-hole everyday for being such a candy-ass.

Quote:I honestly have to tell you… I hate your fucking guts. Forget about how un-American you are, how politically retarded you are, or how fat you look while slobbering your political garbage all over everyone, mainly, I despise you for the fact that you make money off of influencing the young minds of America to be Bush-haters.

Quote:I’m not attacking anyone. I mean, these [quotes] are on my site. And these are my opinions.

This nutjob’s name is Anna Benson, and she loves to spout conservative B.S. She’s a T&A poster child who’s married to some jock, and apparently thinks this qualifies her to speak on political issues. Naturally the Conservatives love her, because no one loves T&A like a repressed conservative. Plus she’s spouting their particular brand of filth. What’s not to love?

The scary part is that she’s developing something of a following. She’s appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto. Her web site is all about, well, T&A first and foremost, but she’s spouts filth about gun control, PETA, Michael Moore, and… oh, yeah, she has a gambling page. Is it just me, or has the definition of the word “conservative” changed?

Only in America could some ditz who has nothing going for her but a nice ass think that, because someone took pictures of said ass, she has a forum to spew venom in all directions. I know some of the conservative nutjobs who lurk around on The Watch dearly love to come up with examples of Hollywood actors who had political views that are not so kind to President Bush and the Republicans. However, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Susan Sarandon spouting her political views while dressed in a skimpy maid outfit and assuming the receiving position.

Required Reading
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