Art Mauney On PBS

I saw a couple of musicians on Gardner-Webb television on PBS tonight. I was just channel surfing, and then I saw these guys, and I thought, “Damn, that guy looks like Art Mauney.” I watched for a moment, and, sure enough, it was Art Mauney. Art was the guy who sold me my Alembic Spoiler bass. I’ve been in his debt ever since, and haven’t forgotten that I probably would have never owned an Alembic if it had not been for Art.
It was interesting to see old Art on my television. I’d wondered what he had been up to, and where he’d wandered off. The last I heard he was a regional rep or something for Washburn. I couldn’t imagine that he had packed in his aspirations. He’s too good for that.
If anyone wants to check out one of the best bass players I’ve ever known, check out The Dancing Hobos web site. No, I don’t own any of their albums (yet) so can’t report on them, but you should buy them anyone. Good deal, Art. I hope you’ll be kicking ass for a long, long time.

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