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Victoria and Katie just left to take Baggins to the vet to see if we can start determining what’s wrong with him. I’d planned on going, but when I found out Katie had stayed out of work in order to go, I thought it might be better if she and Victoria had some time together. Especially under the circumstances.
I haven’t said much about the little guy because I haven’t wanted to worry Victoria. Long story short, a few days ago Baggins stopped moving around. Initially he was favoring his left hind leg, but it’s been hard trying to figure out what’s going on with him. When you feel him over, he doesn’t wince or complain like he would if he had an injury. The only thing we could find was that he didn’t like you messing with the left rear foot.
All he’s done for the past few days is lay around. He hasn’t got up and moved around at all. We’ve all taken turns trying to feed him (some more successfully than others), and have mostly stood by helplessly, not knowing what the hell else to do about him. Luckily, Victoria’s friend Jennifer arranged for a free examination by the SPCA. They won’t do any free tests or anything (who does?), but I think getting free opinion is a step in the right direction.
Here’s to Baggins. I’m praying he’s alright. If anything happened to that cat, Victoria would be inconsolable. I wouldn’t be too happy about it, either. I was really just getting to know him. Hopefully it’s something simple, like he got an infection or something. I don’t think we’d know what to do with ourselves without our resident problem child.

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