Barely Keep My Eyes Open

03:44. I’m about 60 miles into my shift, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I might as well face it; no matter how tired I am I’m not going to get much sleep without help; whether that is Ambien or Goodys PM. This truck is a piece of shit and rides like a buckboard wagon. It doesn’t help my arthritis at all, either. If Ray can’t (or won’t) get us a new truck within the next couple of months I think my driving days will be over by the end of the year.
It’s already a struggle to maintain. I can’t get good sleep because 1) the truck rides so rough and 2) that rough ride inflames my arthritis (which make s me uncomfortable and awake). On almost a daily basis I’m one of those fatigued drivers that the housewives worry about. All because U.S. Xpress doesn’t see us as people, with needs. We’re a money-making machine, and they want to keep the wheels turning.
If they would give us a Volvo 780 it would extend my career by several years. But I strongly suspect that they won’t.

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