Beautiful Day in Massachusetts

Mansfield, Massachusetts. Sitting here in a customer’s dock with the windows down. It feels wonderful outside. Like Fall is just around the corner. It’s rather pretty here. But I’m in a business park. I can only go so far with that.
I decided against writing my friend who lives up here. She hasn’t seemed interested in staying in touch, for whatever reason. I’ll honor that.
I’m uncomfortably close to Boston. I hope the company doesn’t come up with anything interesting. Hopefully I’ll pick up something in Connecticut and head home. But I’m the poster child for disgruntled drivers sent to difficult locations. I won’t get my hopes up.
I’m exhausted and need a long nap. But that won’t be in the cards today. At least not until I pick up my next load. As ever, I’m miffed about losing my weekend (I’m a long way from home and couldn’t possibly get there before tomorrow afternoon or later). But I won’t complain come payday.
Still haven’t made up my mind about the dedicated route. Probably need to soon. Just paid my cellphone bill, so will probably be able to call the lady about that in a bit. Need to decide.

10:47 am
Was laying here with the truck turned off, listening to the sounds and enjoying the cool breeze wafting in through the windows. Nearby there is a playground. I’ve been listening to the children play. What a shame it is that we have to grow up. Why do we have to evolve into these bitter, twisted monsters that do nothing but hurt one another?
I’ve missed the grace of this kind of solitude. The wonder of being quiet and simply listening. It’s been a long time since I’ve been by myself, listening quietly as I feel myself being rocked by my heartbeat.
Oh, well. I think the customer is done with me. A noisy UPS truck just drove up. I guess it’s time to turn the truck back on and go back to being someone else. But it was nice to get to be me for a little bit.

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