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Big Shots / The Just In Time Band – 10/9/2009

Big ShotsI had a great time last night with the Just In Time Band at Big Shots in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Big Shots is always a fun place, with a rowdy atmosphere and a great, responsive crowd. Even on our worst songs, they applauded. On our best songs they made a lot of noise. I look forward to playing there again sometime.

As for the band, we had our good moments and our bad last night. The good moments were really good, and the bad moments were really bad. We’ll have to work on making those bad moments less likely.

For me a few highlights of the show were when Joel Frye got on stage and sat in for a few songs with us. He has a good voice, is solid on guitar, and brought a lot to those songs. Thanks, Joel, for sitting in with us.

Another is when Jeff Scott got down on the floor and was dancing with a woman while he sang a song. I thought we might see cat-fight when his wife saw this, but she came over and took a few pictures. I guess we all know that flirting around in a bar doesn’t mean anything. It’s all about who you go home with, right?

Anyway, it was a fun night. It’s always fun playing with the Just In Time Band, and I look forward to doing it more in the future. Hat’s off, guys.

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