Birthday Boy

Okay, so I tried to let my birthday slip by like any other day, but Victoria wouldn’t have it. Not that we’re out shooting off cannons full of confetti or anything (I’d die of embarassment if we did), but she’s determined to make me feel special today. At some point I decided that it might be good form to stop resisting it so much.
I’m feeling pretty fortunate this year. I’m in a great city living with a great woman who loves me, who has an eclectic family that provides wonderful entertainment for the writer in me, and I have this odd sense of hope in my heart that I haven’t had in a long, long time. Somehow, whether I want to admit it or not, this birthday feels kind of special to me. Not the marking of the date or the significance of it being my birthday or anything. But we all need sign-posts to mark our way along our journey, and this one somehow feels like where I finally realized that my journey is no longer slogging along with my head down, just determined to see this thing called life through to whatever conclusion awaits me. Now I sort of feel like I can enjoy the journey, and can look up at the sky and feel the wind on my skin, and wonder why those crows are following me and making all that damned noise (that’s a personal joke to amuse myself).
Well, I should probably mention my booty. Although I keep telling people not to get me anything for my birthday, they keep doing it.
Victoria got me a very cool book on the history of Saint Petersburg (Florida, not Russia). The ironic thing is, I was just looking at this book on yesterday, thinking about how useful it’d be. See, I’m working on a book about a vampire who lives in St. Pete, and he’s been here from the time the city was organized. So … knowing the city history sort of fills in some of his history. It’s a great gift from a woman who obviously knows how my brain works. Which is kind of scary.
Victoria is also going to cook for me. There’s no better way of treating a Chaney than by giving them food. She made me figure out what I wanted and I couldn’t think of anything. But we somehow wound up with fried chicken strips, vegetable casserole and banana pudding on the menu. Yeah, I know I could have eaten a salad and maybe drank a diet cola or indulged in a latte, but I’m from North Carolina, dammit. This ain’t time for no foo foo vittles.
Mama got me a swing. Like you sit in (if you don’t know). I lost my old one in 2006 when I had to give away so much of what I owned. Of everything I let go, I probably missed that most of all (well, excluding the house), because I used to sit in the backyard in that swing and just think. Mama obviously hasn’t forgotten that. The coolest thing about it is that this new swing was made by my uncle, Allen Lovelace. So it’s even more special to me that my mother, who doesn’t have money to throw around, bought me a swing that was made by my uncle, Allen. That swing has already touched me in so many ways, and I don’t even have my hands on it yet (it’s in North Carolina at the moment).
I also was sent some money, from Mama and from my aunt, Martha Sue. I want to scold Mama for sending me money when she obviously doesn’t have it, but I know that there’s no use in arguing with Mama. Sue included a line in her card that got a good laugh. She said “I just made these 20s and thought you might like to have one”. My family is funny.
It’s early yet, but it’s already a good day. I think we’re going to go buzz the beach later. I might even slyly suggest that we play a little World of Warcraft. Since it’s my birthday and all, I wonder if I’ll get double experience or extra gold? Somehow I doubt it.
Okay, so I’ve made the offical birthday declaration and all. Show’s over. Right now there’s an Irish cop in my head grumbling “there’s nothing t’ see ‘ere, folks. Move alang now”. There’s also a voice in my head singing “shorter of breath, and one day closer to death”, but that’s tradition. Hopefully tomorrow I can process the fact that I’m another year older, and can find some way to start getting used to the fact that I’m finally old enough to buy alcohol from the liquor store.

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