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Bruce, Mary & Sweeney Todd

Bruce and Mary came over today. That was nice. I kind of looked at it as an opportunity to prove to Victoria that I’m not a total psycho. See? I can act right when company comes over.
I cooked some chicken on the grill. Victoria made some mashed potatoes. Bruce and Mary brought over an arugula quiche. We are in the den while we watched the new Sweeney Todd DVD that Victoria picked up. A good time was had by all, I think.
I liked Sweeney Todd. Even though I’m not much one for musicals. But Johnny Depp played it well, I think. He acted the role, as opposed to doing the over-the-top camp that seems to sum up most musicals (and which largely keep me away from the genre). Plus, the movie was wonderfully bloody. I liked that.

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