Cars For Pinks

I’ll be performing with Systematic Chaos at a very special gig on Oct. 4th, 2009, at Katie Greene’s “Cars For Pinks” car show, which benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation in its quest to fund breast cancer research. This event will take place at Quaker Steak & Lube in Clearwater, Florida, and will feature display… Continue reading Cars For Pinks

Capt. Thornton Festival Postponed Until 2010

After much deliberation and hand-wringing, we’ve decided to cancel the 2009 Capt. Thornton Tampa Bay Local Music Festival, and instead aim for a launch date of November 6, 2010. Overall, while there was great interest in the festival among area musicians and music lovers, we greatly over-estimated the level of support we could expect from… Continue reading Capt. Thornton Festival Postponed Until 2010

Capt. Thornton’s Tampa Bay Local Music Festival

This is to officially notify anyone who particularly gives a damn of Capt. Thornton’s 1st Annual Tampa Bay Local Music Festival, which we hope to hold in St. Petersburg, FL. It’s a festival I’m going to attempt to create between now and the target date of November 7th, 2009. The festival will focus solely upon… Continue reading Capt. Thornton’s Tampa Bay Local Music Festival

Marissa Underfoot

The first image in my upcoming Faeries Underfoot collection has been finished. True to form, I over-reached with the first one and made an image that looks best at poster size, instead of the smaller prints I’d set out to create. But that’s all beside the point. She’s the first. A proud new parent is… Continue reading Marissa Underfoot

Moving (Again)

Well, yet another hosting provider has turned out to be pretty much useless. I’m beginning to wonder if it has something to do with my own personal gremlins, and that they find ways of infecting the systems that I use. Not that it matters. In the end, what matters is that my host, although more… Continue reading Moving (Again)

Rebuilding (Again)

It seems that the one tradition I’ve never been able to get away from at is the necessity to constantly upgrade the web site.  Most often it’s by choice, because I don’t like the way something looks or works. But this time, it’s because my server was hacked and everything on all but two… Continue reading Rebuilding (Again)

The Traveling Wildebeests

Lately I’ve been playing bass for a band called The Traveling Wildebeests, which I figure warrants a mention here. I’ve also been playing lead guitar for the Just In Time Band. Sooner or later there’ll probably be a conflict, but until there is I’m going to play with both bands. The guys in both bands… Continue reading The Traveling Wildebeests