The Hunger Games

Victoria and I went to see The Hunger Games today. As in, we actually left the house and went to a theater. I didn’t know much about The Hunger Games.

Caprica Canceled? It's The SyFy Network That Should Be Canceled

I just read that one of my favorite television shows, “Caprica”, has been canceled after one season “due to low ratings”. It’s no real surprise. The morons at the SyFy network couldn’t have made its success more difficult to achieve if they had intentionally been trying to do so. The show aired on January 22,… Continue reading Caprica Canceled? It's The SyFy Network That Should Be Canceled

Finally Watched Twilight

I was finally talked into watching Twilight last night. I’ve been reluctant, because I’ve seen enough of it to know that it’s all dreck, but I do believe in giving everything its fair shake. It wasn’t right for me to hate this “phenomenon” without actually watching the movie. And besides, I’m writing a book based… Continue reading Finally Watched Twilight

Revolutionary Road

This was a good, but ultimately depressing movie. Maybe parts of it hit too close to home. Which, I guess, is what a good movie is supposed to do. In the end, though, I found myself hoping that this couple would just up and go to Paris already. Yes, I wanted the happy ending. But,… Continue reading Revolutionary Road

Yes Man

Actually, I tried to give this movie three stars, but my finger just wouldn’t click on it. It wasn’t a bad movie, exactly. It was just one of those mindless comedies. Honestly, I was left feeling like Jim Carrey’s incredible talent was being wasted in a banal movie like this. Still, I think maybe it… Continue reading Yes Man

Heavy Metal

The last time I watched this movie was on VHS tape. It was fun to watch it again after all these years. This isn’t everyone’s thing, I’m sure, but I love animation. This movie has some great, hand-drawn animation (no computer animation here – sorry Pixar fans), and one of the best soundtracks ever. Maybe… Continue reading Heavy Metal

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This wasn’t a horrible movie, exactly. It was what I expected. Funny in parts, but nothing special. It’s a date movie, at best. I like Kevin James, but I don’t think anyone is likely to remember this movie as a comedy classic. All that said, the movie had its moments. While I’m not keen to… Continue reading Paul Blart: Mall Cop


This was a terrible, terrible movie. It’s probably not the worse I’ve ever seen (by far), but it reminded me of one of those cheaply made B-grade horror movies you used to see at the drive-in. Jennifer Carpenter was great in it, but overall it seemed like a ridiculous plot was made worse by the… Continue reading Quarantine

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