Pondering The Music Blog

I’m off-loading some recordings from the H2 onto the computer to use in a track I’m working on. Victoria is in the kitchen, cooking the Easter meal we’re going to have this evening with Michelle and possibly Katie. The house smells wonderful. I’d like to get into the Easter spirit, or whatever you call it,… Continue reading Pondering The Music Blog

Just Got Paid

If you talk to people who don’t know anything about live professional performance, you’re likely to hear an opinion that “real musicians” don’t use backing tracks. But if you know anything at all about live performance, you know that’s just not true. Many of the world’s top performers use backing tracks. What I can’t figure… Continue reading Just Got Paid

Return Of The SGX-2000

My band, Windhaven, is recording an album, so I thought it would make sense to finally get my ART SGX-2000 back up and running. The only thing that’s been wrong with it has been that the pots were so dirty that the unit was practically unusable. There was just no way to make those fine-tuned… Continue reading Return Of The SGX-2000

Better Energy In The Studio

It’s amazing how a good cleaning can improve your general outlook, not to mention your flow of energy. In recent weeks I’ve let my bad habits pile up in the studio, like the detritus of some half-crazed hoarder. It’s no wonder there’s been no progress on Windhaven’s album. The studio had become so cluttered that I didn’t… Continue reading Better Energy In The Studio

Artwork On Facebook

I recently had a revelation concerning my Facebook pages. I have two of them, you know. One is a personal page where I talk to old friend and relatives. The other is an artist page. I’ve always considered the latter to be a music page, and never really approached it in any other way. But… Continue reading Artwork On Facebook

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