Art Section Upgraded

The art section has been converted to a blog format. The general idea is simply to make the collection easier to browse through. I liked the gallery format that I had, but I was about the only one. Most people favored thumbnails and proof-sheet sort-of format, which the gallery just couldn’t provide. Of course, now… Continue reading Art Section Upgraded

Media Collection Updated

I’ve just uploaded the web pages for the Audio section of the Media Archive. Basically, this means I’ve cataloged all of my albums, compact discs, cassettes, and various other formats. That translates to a lot of work. But it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. It keeps in with the… Continue reading Media Collection Updated

Poetry Section Updated

The Poetry section has been updated. Finally! I’d been putting it off because I dreaded coding the almost 100 web pages it’d take to completely redesign the section. But I got it done. I have to admit that I’m thrilled. Compared to the new design, the old design was draconian. All business and no play.… Continue reading Poetry Section Updated

New WordPress Theme

Just tinkering, checking out the new blog theme. I edited the existing blog theme because I liked its functionality, but I wanted it to match the overall web site. I was going to radically the change the header, but in the end I decided to just use an old photograph I’d taken in the Kings… Continue reading New WordPress Theme

Hammering Away

I’ve been hammering away at the Music section, trying to get those pages re-designed and coded. I didn’t think I was really getting anywhere until it occurred to me that I had created over 200 images for that section. Wow. I have been busy. Here I was thinking I was a slack-ass. It’s been a… Continue reading Hammering Away

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