Check Out That ETA

Headed back to Statesville, North Carolina to pick up a load to Hermitage, Tennessee. Which is stupid. I delivered in Statesville yesterday. And they give me a load that can’t deliver until 10pm tonight and is only 384 miles?
Well, this is punitive. The Fuck-tard threatened me last week after a run-in over me not updating my ETAs (I do, but he doesn’t make a note of it). He told me essentially that the load planner was mad (yeah, over Fuck-tard’s mistakes) and that if I didn’t do better I’d find myself sitting a lot.
Well, I don’t know what I can do any differently. I put in an ETA when I send in my Loaded info at the shipper. If that ETA changes, I update it. That’s where Fuck-tard’s patented stupidity comes into play. No matter how many times I update my ETA, he still goes by the first one. Actually, I suspect he’s so inept at his job that he forgets to pass along the info to the load planner. When the load planner discovers that I’m not going to reach my delivery when I originally said I would, guess who he’s mad at? Which is only natural, I guess, since he never received any updated info. Hell, Fuck-tard is such a petty, whiney bitch that I could imagine him not passing along my info on purpose. He’s always struck me as the type who would write graffiti on a wall and sign someone else’s name to it.
Anyway …
Fuck-tard had me dead to rights yesterday. When I sent in my loaded info in Pensacola on Monday, I put in my ETA wrong. I meant to put in 2pm. We use military time, so that would have 14:00. I spazzed out or something and put in 02:00 (2am) by mistake.
When I arrived in Statesville around noon, Fuck-tard started running his mouth. “Check out that ETA would ya???? KW”
Well, I’ve had enough run-ins with him to know what that meant. He doesn’t give compliments, so I assumed he was just being stupid as usual and had mis-read my ETA. Which irritated me, because he was coming at me with this attitude.
I said “What are you ranting about now? I said I’d be here at 2pm. I got here at noon. Where do you see a problem?”
It always pisses him off when I say anything (which is largely the reason I always say something). He didn’t disappoint.
“02:00 tells me 2am in the morning. 14:00 tells me 2pm in the afternoon. That’s what I’m ranting about. Check your Qualcomm.”
Well, after I was empty I went and parked nearby to wait on my next load assignment. This was around noon. A couple of hours later they gave me a load that couldn’t pick up before 11pm and didn’t deliver until 9pm the next day. Fuck-tard and the load planner had made good on his threat to make me sit.
Being me, I couldn’t resist a comment. I said “I see the load planner has achieved his goal of wasting a lot of fuel by forcing my truck to sit and idle its engine all evening.”
Then I went to KM. Hehe. Got a shower. Got something to eat. Played some World of Warcraft. This morning when I got back into the truck I’d had a full night’s sleep and felt refreshed. Yeah, buddy. They sure taught me a lesson, didn’t they?
I’ve had to resist the urge today to tell Fuck-tard to thank the load planner for giving me the chance to play World of Warcraft long enough to get my Felguard for my warlock, Saphiri.
No. I’ve kept my mouth shut. After this I only have one more week. I have a sense of peace from knowing that there’s nothing they can do to me now that means anything. In just over a week I will no longer have to deal with these man-children and their petty games and childish tantrums. I’m sure I’ll spend all of next week with a serene smile on my face, thinking “the end is near … the end is near …”

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