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Christine O’Donnell Ad – “I’m Not A Witch”

Christine O’Donnell’s recent ad has raised some hackles. I don’t imagine she’ll understand why. In the true spirit of Tea Party nutjobs, she’ll assume that anyone who takes exception to the loopy things she says are just “haters”.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if this ad should offend anyone, but I can’t help thinking about how much of an uproar there would be if she had put out an ad in which she declared “I’m not a Jew”. I also wonder if the logic the Tea Party applies to President Obama holds here. When he says he’s not a Socialist, it only proves to them that he is. So can we assume that if Christine O’Donnell says “I’m not a witch” that she really is?

Man, I miss reality based politics.

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12 years ago

You know, if any moderates bother to turn out for the election, these wackos are going to lose by a landslide. Sure they may have beat out the (semi) sane republicans in the primaries, but there is no way in hell anyone with half a brain is going to vote for these idiots.

And as for her, she’s probably a pathological liar and is just saying what she thinks people want to hear. She’s against abortion in all cases, even rape and incest. You can’t tell me that she’d be against an abortion for herself if she were raped. She may say she’d be, but she’s full of shit. All of these idiots are full of shit. They say whatever they think the most people want to hear to get elected. And then they sell out to corporations to stay in power. If they don’t sell out, they get booted.

It’s really priceless, last time I checked, witches don’t believe in Satan, ergo they don’t have Satanic altars. Again, I say she’s full of shit.

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