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I’ll be heading over to Largo tonight to jam with some fellas at Circle Rehearsal Studios. We’ll be feeling each other out to see if we want to put together a band to go out and make some money. Barring any unforeseen¬†personality conflicts, I hope to be up and running soon with this new band, out in the clubs and gigging. I don’t think this band will conflict with my involvement with the Just In Time Band. Hopefully we can schedule stuff far enough in advance to where there won’t be conflicts. I like the guys in the Just In Time Band and I hope to keep playing with them, but I need more of a challenge. Hopefully the two bands can co-exist.

I’m also looking forward to checking out Circle Rehearsal Studios. Their rates are really reasonable, and I’m thinking about recording some bass tracks there. That’s the one thing I’ve never been able to nail down with my recordings. I’ve never been happy with my bass tracks. I get the perfect bass sound (or the exact one I’m looking for anyway) with my live rig, but I can hardly record here at the house at full stage volume. If I completed my tracks and then went to Circle to record the final bass tracks, I could have the best of both worlds. I’d get everything else nailed down at home, and then get the bass sound of the gods by using my stage rig at Circle.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. Except for a couple of rehearsals with the Just In Time Band, I haven’t really played since the first week or so in December, when I jammed with Systematic Chaos. I’m looking forward to firing up the Alembic at full roar again, and this band looks to be the ticket. Hopefully we’ll all get along. So far just about every band I’ve ever been in has had one asshole or underachiever who ruins it for everybody else. It’d be nice if this was a different story.

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13 years ago

I hear what yer sayin. All too many time there is an outsider in the band. No need for attitudes. We’re all musicians, so there’s enough attitude right there. Hopefully everyone will be equally talented.
Good Luck

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