Cloninger And Neisler – Crooks?

Well, if I ever had any doubt that the law firm of Cloninger & Neisler were crooks, Paul Yale just convinced me. Of course, I’m not fully convinced that Paul Yale isn’t talking out of both sides of his mouth, either.
In essence, here’s the deal. Mama called up to Cloninger & Neisler’s office to find out what was going on in regard to the loan. Paul Yale had told us last Monday that he would tell us something for certain, one way or the other, by the end of the week. Well, he didn’t call, which is why Mama called Cloninger & Neisler today. Andy Neisler’s secretary told her that Paul Yale had called them and told them that there was no way that this loan could be worked out. So Mama called Paul Yale. He said that this was not so, that he had called and told them that his people were nervous about the idea of setting aside $10,000 and he wanted to know if there was something else that could be worked out. Andy Neisler said absolutely not.
So, Andy Neisler shot this loan down. The little fuck. I’m not surprised. I went and talked to him a few weeks back, to find out what the hell was going on, and my impression of him was that he was a self-important little prick. I sat there in his office while he talked to someone else on the telephone and messed around with his computer like I wasn’t there. He called Paul Yale, and when Paul called him back, he left Paul on hold for a good couple of minutes while he messed with that computer.
As I said, I’m not surprised. Everyone I know groaned when they found out that Cloninger & Neisler were handling this. I personally don’t know of anyone who thinks of them as anything less than a couple of crooks. And I must say that at this point, I’ve found nothing to steer my mind away from the same conclusion.
No matter. The loan is dead and we’re back to square one.

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