Confronting A Maggot

Started out the evening hoping to confront a truck driver who was harassing Mara. When I got up she said that this guy had been following her for 200 miles, and kept pulling up beside her trying to get her attention. In fact I saw for myself that this fuck was right up on the back end of our trailer.
Mara pulled off into a rest area so we could switch and he pulled in behind us. I got into the driver seat, hoping he would approach the truck and get a nice surprise, but he didn’t. He just sat back there in his truck. I was about to go to the back of the trailer with the pretense of checking the seal so that I could make a point of making eye contact, but he pulled out. He crept down the side of the truck, apparently expecting Mara, so I turned on the overhead light so he could see me. He must have because when he neared the cab he suddenly picked up speed and left in a hurry.
It wasn’t the resolution I was hoping for, but I think a point was made. If nothing else it completely changed his game. I despise these maggots who get their kicks from harassing women. They’re never so big and scary around another man.

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