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Countrywide, Bank Of America, And A House In North Carolina

I got an e-mail message yesterday from Bank of America that said “A payment for your Real Estate Tax Bill has been made from your Escrow Account on 08-25-2009”. This is on a property that they, and Countrywide, have been telling me is going to be foreclosed upon for over a year now. Should there even be an escrow account left at this point? What the hell?
Naturally when I tried to sign-in to the account, it says the password is invalid. Well, it did today, anyway. Yesterday it told me the account was locked, and to try later. So, long story short, I have no idea what’s going on with the house. While I like to entertain fantasies of somehow saving the house, there’s nothing I can do about this given the fact that we’re just squeaking by as it is, but I’d still like to know what’s going on with it. Especially since it’s been sitting there idly since I left in August of 2006.
It briefly crossed my mind that my ex-wife might be trying to do something under-handed with the house, but I honestly can’t imagine her being that motivated. We’re talking about a woman who was perfectly happy to let U-Haul sell off her personal belongings (which included a mountain dulcimer that belonged to her grandmother, as well as childhood photos and other mementos). I have a hard time conceiving that she would be interested in settling the debts against the house so that she might somehow turn a profit. And I don’t think her new beau is exactly Mr. Moneybags.
Regardless, I want to know what’s going on. I’m going to dig out the last statement and get the account number so that I can log-in to this account and see for myself what the hell is going on. I may not be able to save the house at this point, but if it’s going to be subjected to the whims of some button pusher in a pin-stripe suit setting behind a desk in an office building somewhere, I want to watch.

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