Delivery Attempt #3

Back in Westfield, Massachusetts. Sitting at the gate. Again. This time I have a piece of paper that list my appointment time as 17:45. I’m allowed to drop the load up to six hours before that or six hours after. There will be damages here if they come up with another reason why I can’t drop it.
The downtime did me a little good. I transcribed the first chapter of Owning Justice. I think that’s going to disturb some people. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? People shouldn’t always know what to expect from a writer. And this is definitely very different. I’m often told that I write with very female sensibilities. This chapter is very male. But it centers around a male character. It would be.
Well, I’m next in line. Let’s see how this goes.
Well, the third time was the charm. Was allowed to drop the load this time. Before I left, though, I expressed my displeasure by pissing into a cup and pouring it out in the middle of their drop lot. Possibly a childish gesture. I prefer to think of it as symbolic.
Either way I felt better. Some people may say it. I did it. So there.

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