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DeoxIT, an SGX-2000, and a Grand Idea

Caig Labs DeoxITI finally broke down and dragged my ass to Radio Shack to pick up some contact cleaner to flush out the potentiometers on my ART SGX-2000. I read up before I went, and was warned off of the Radio Shack contact cleaner (which was the shit back in the 1980’s, but I’m told is hit-and-miss now). From what I read, the most recommended stuff was made from Caig Labs, and is called DeoxIT (which, coincidentally, can be found at Radio Shack). Well, I needed some 9-volt battery snap connectors (that’s what it says on the package), so off I went. I didn’t get much from the girl at Radio Shack at first when I asked her if they had any “9-volt connection thingies”, but we worked it out (and I found the DeoxIT on my own).
I haven’t had a chance to try the DeoxIT out on the SGX-2000 yet, but it cleared up the crackle in Victoria’s work phone well enough. If I’m going to be playing guitar, I plan to use the SGX-2000 as part of my guitar rig. But the pots are noisy as hell on it. Which is fine with me. It’s one of the reasons I got the thing for $50, because the guy who sold it made the mistake of copping to the pots being noisy. The only reason I haven’t fixed it yet is that I’m a lazy bastard. But for some reason today was the day. Well… okay, so today was the day that I bought the stuff I’ll use when some future day is the day that I crack open the SGX-2000 and start cleaning the potentiometers.
I’m looking forward to getting the SGX straightened out. My general idea is to use my Alembic F-2B for my main guitar tone, then use the SGX-2000 for secondary distortion and effects (as well as using its effects loop to tie in my Phasor and Big Muff pedals). I think I’ll have an amazing sound. Of course, I still need a foot-pedal to control the SGX-2000, and I kinda need a speaker cabinet. But hey, one step at a time, right? If nothing else here, I’m thrilled that I’m finally going to be able to revive a cool piece of hardware.

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