Okay. Surreal moment just happened on I-75 southbound in Tennessee, around mile marker 150. I was listening to Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) by Tool (which is a little … odd … anyway). Then I saw blue lights in my mirror. Lots of them. Shortly after that a pickup truck blasted by me with eight or more cops in tow (all of whom were apparently a wee bit irritated). I watched them recede into the distance with Tool as their soundtrack. Would’ve made a cool video.
Okay. Update time. I’m now at exit 141. Stopped on the highway. Apparently the desperado in the pick-up truck is no longer a desperado.
Well, we sat there for a few minutes, and they started letting us pass. The pickup was sitting sideways on the southbound on-ramp there at exit 141 (that would be Pioneer, TN). Looked to me like the cops and boxed the pick-up in and retarded his forward momentum. The pickup wasn’t in very good shape. I couldn’t be sure in all the chaos, but I think there may have been a gentleman lying face down on the ground with his hands behind him. Perhaps pondering his recent decisions. I dunno about Tennessee, but if you lead North Carolina state troopers on a merry chase, that’s an automatic ass-whipping. Just get out of your car and throw yourself on the ground.
Anyway, that was the excitement for the night, I guess. Good luck to the fella in the pickup truck. He’s gonna need it. The dumbass. He must not watch Cops. Else he’d know that cops live for that one dumb redneck who makes a run for it. And if he watched Cops, he’d know it always ends badly for said redneck.

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