Does Stupid Hurt?

Well, Fuck-tard is back and as stupid as ever. Here is my evidence.
For the load I’m on, my fuel routing had me stopping in Milldale, Connecticut and getting fifty gallons, then stopping in Carney’s Point, New Jersey and filling up. Problem is, I’m not going through New Jersey. After my last experience going through NYC and the $99.45 in tolls I had to fork out on the trip, I’ll take that route down through NYC and New Jersey only when there’s a cold day in hell. Going over to Pennsylvania and down south through Harrisburg to Baltimore only adds about 75 miles to trip, and it’s about $75 cheaper.
So I told Fuck-tard that New Jersey wasn’t going to happen and asked him if I could just fill up at the first fuel stop. Of course not. That would be too simple. So he wanted me to tell him where else I wanted to fuel. I suggested the Petro in in Avoca, Pennsylvania. He comes back and tells me the Pilot in Scranton. Fine. Whatever.
Then he sent me a new fuel routing. It had the Scranton stop on it, but no Milldale, Connecticut stop. So I asked him what happened to Milldale, because I’d never make Scranton without getting that fifty gallons there.
By this point he was starting to be irritated by my stupidity. He sent me a message asking “What city and state?????” So I I tried to lay it out in a way he might be able to comprehend.
I sent a message that said “Ya’ll told told me to fuel in Milldale, CT and then fill up in Carney’s Point, NJ. I’m not going through NJ, so now it appears that second stop is in Scranton, PA. Right?”
You know what he did next? He sent me the original fuel routing again! Argh!
I sent him one last message that said “I’m still not going through NJ.” He sent back a baffling “10-4 to the truck” and was gone, since I’d already kept him past his 17:00 escape from work.
It boggles the mind.

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