Dream CatcherI put a dreamcatcher up in the truck this morning. It’s been in the truck(s) since I vacated the house. I could never figure out how to put it up. But when I got up this morning, I looked at it and knew. It was time, I guess.
This dreamcatcher has seen better days. It’s missing a few feathers. The ones that remain are rather wraggled. This is from misuse and abuse, but I rather prefer the romantic notion that it looks weathered from hard use, trying to filter out the nightmares of the past six months or so.
Either way, I kinda like having it up. If for no practical reason, then for its symbolism.

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14 years ago

we bought that from another driver in Nebraska while we were having the truck washed. It was when we were driving Evie, and the drivers wife had made the dreamcatcher. It appealed to me, like a cyclic sort of logic. I’m glad you liked it too.