En Route to Pooler

Somewhere in the vicinity of Bowman, SC. I’m headed down to Pooler, GA (near Savannah). I’m writing this to stay awake. I left Kings Mountain about midnight. Naturally with no sleep. Why break tradition, right?
I gotta stop doing this to myself. It doesn’t give me a good start on the week. I’ll snooze while I’m being unloaded in Pooler, but that’s not going to amount to much. And it being Monday, I’ll be getting my next load pretty early.
Oh, well. The whining doesn’t help. No matter how sleepy I am, I did this to myself. This was my choice. Lazy ass. At least now I’m on I-95 at mile marker 75 (that far from the GA border). I’m in the home stretch. And I gotta pee. Guess what, lazy ass? You not going to be allowed to pee until you get to GA. So you’d best get there.

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