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Faeries Underfoot (Updated)

The faery designs are underway. Finally. It took me awhile to work out some of the details about their physiology, but I have it. This week I worked out their wings, and expect to finish my first rendering over the weekend.

The lovely lady you see to the left is called Marissa. She’s the first of the faeries. This, of course, is not a finished drawing, but a proof-of-concept rendering I did just to see how the assembled parts looked.

Marissa is the first in a collection of faeries that I’m calling Faeries Underfoot, complete with their own web site and back-story. We hope to make and sell prints and t-shirts of the faeries, through eBay, our catalog stores, and through local festivals. I’m really excited about this, and am looking forward to remembering how to be an artist again.

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Faeries Underfoot

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Amanda Lynn
14 years ago

I spent DAYS trying to figure out how to do wings and pixie *fairy* feet! It was worth it after a while though! I had try to do wizards and witch’s but could never get the cloak to billow out right… I even went as far to try to sketch Severus Snape! Not one of my best drawing’s to sat the least! lol I love te way you did this outfit though.

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