Farewell to Sunny, My Squirrel Friend

I’ve put it off as long as I could, but I have finally been forced to concede that our friend, Sunny, is probably not coming back. I’d rather avoid thinking like that. But in the end, it does a disservice to her memory if I don’t take a moment to acknowledge my debt.

Wicasta and Sunny
Wicasta and Sunny

I’ve put it off as long as I could, but I have finally been forced to concede that our friend, Sunny, is probably not coming back. I’d rather avoid thinking like that. But in the end, it does a disservice to her memory if I don’t take a moment to acknowledge my debt to that amazing little squirrel. For over three years Sunny was a bright spot in our days. We looked forward to sitting out there in the yard with her, often with her perched on my knee eating sunflower seeds. I will always treasure my memories of sitting on the back porch with Sunny beside me at the table, hanging out like old friends as she munched on sunflower seeds and peanuts. It was that easy, comfortable relationship you have with someone whom you’ve known for awhile. She trusted me implicitly, and I adored her presence.

Sunny has been gone for a month now. She’s been gone for long stretches before, so we hoped perhaps we would see her again. But after this long, that’s unlikely. In some way I hope she found a reason to move on somewhere else, and is alive and well in a tree somewhere in our neighborhood. But I doubt that. That’s a kindness my mind is trying to give to my heart, to fill in some of that quiet space where Sunny used to be. Some of our well-meaning friends have tried to point out that squirrels don’t live that long, or that hawks are known to hunt them, as well as cats. I’m not sure how any that is supposed to be comforting in the absence of a friend, but I know they’re not trying to be mean. They just don’t understand.

Sunny Knew A Big Nut When She Saw One
Sunny Knew A Big Nut When She Saw One

Sunny was a part of our family, in the same way that our cats or a dog become family. It’s really as simple as that. I couldn’t care less if that makes sense to you, or if you think of squirrels as rodents and nuisances. Sunny was a spark of magic in our lives. The day she decided to jump on my knee to say hello was a trans-formative day for us, and we’ve never looked at squirrels the same way since. Each day when she leapt upon our backs and climbed up upon our shoulders in search of the ever-present peanuts was a moment that made us wide-eyed children again. That is a gift from God that we will always treasure.

I always knew that one day Sunny would just… be gone. It was unlikely we’d ever know what happened to her. And just as it is with people, however much you might accept the inevitability of someone’s passing, nothing can prepare you for the moment when it comes. One moment they are here, and the next they are gone. That sense of absence and stillness where they used to be speaks volumes to the spaces they held in our lives, and it says a lot about how much they meant to us and how much we loved them.

Thanks to a squirrel named Sunny, I will always be looking up into the trees and smiling at the quick movements and furiously waving tails I see there. Thanks to Sunny the world retains some sense of magic that many of us seem to lose as we grow older. Thanks to Sunny, when a squirrel comes down a tree to investigate me, I know what sounds to make to assure them that I’m not a threat, and that perhaps I might even be a friend.

Sunny In A Tree
Sunny In A Tree

Thanks to Sunny, I know that the world is still full of wonder. And in that regard, I owe her a greater debt than I’ve ever owed to any human being. Sunny was. And now she is not. Or, at least, she’s no longer a grumpy little squirrel that I hear in the back yard all day while I’m working. She’s still very much alive in my heart. And she’s still very much a part of what makes the world such a wonderful, amazing place. It soothes my aching heart to know that even if Sunny is no longer with us, the fact that she existed in the first place proves that there is much magic in the world, and that God loved us deeply to have sent us such a marvelous treasure.

Thank you, Sunny, for reminding me of the wide-eyed boy I used to be. Whenever I begin to forget him again, all I need to do is remember the warmth of your paws against my fingers, the nuzzle of your nose in my ear, the brush of your tail against my skin, and the wondrous, woodsy smell of your fur as you sat upon my shoulder. I will always remember you. And I will always treasure your memory. Thanks for hanging out with me.

Victoria and Sunny
Wicasta and Sunny

Sunny the Squirrel


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8 years ago

I read your letter and Im sorry to hear sunnys gone. I never really thought much about squirrels. Sure they were cute, and I would NEVER wish harm to them being an animal lover. Until one day this sweet little girl came into my life! She had fallen out of a tree, and I knew her mother wasnt coming back for her. Seeing were her nest was I couldnt put her back, and quite frankly I was shocked she survived the fall.She was in really bad shape. Starving and dirty and dehydrated. Mother squirrels are very nurturing to their young so I knew something happened. I tried to comfort her and I waited all day and night to watch and see if her mother came back. By the next day I knew she was alone. So I kept her warm and fed her with a dropper. When i went to check the tree the next day I found her brother. He was in worse shape then her. I tried to save him but it was to late. The fall was to much for him. I laid him in the basket with his sister and they curled up together. I wanted his last minutes to be with his family.
It was a bumpy road for this little gal I found. The first couple days I didnt think she was going to make it. One the third day I woke up and leaned over to check the basket and there she was eyes open and looking up at me. She melted my heart! Her ears were still closed but her eyes had opened. She was trying to stand but her little legs were still weak.
4 months later Im proud to say she is running all over the place and being sassy! Shes in her toddler phase and into everything. I knew I would enjoy taking care of her because I love animals. But honestly..I never knew My heart would melt the way it did. Sure people dont llike them, and they think their just rodants, but to have one crawl up in your arms and show complete love and trust to you is truly a blessing!
I know she is a wild animal, and it wouldnt be fair to her to keep her. So in the spring when shes old enough I will show her how to survive outside. My heart will be broken to let her go but its the right thing to do. So until then I will enjoy every moment, every kiss, and every snuggle from my Little Zoe….

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