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Write City Invite 5.05.11

Many thanks to Lauren Sapala for featuring me and Windhaven in the Write City Invite, a newsletter for the excellent writers’ group which meets weekly at the People’s Cafe in San Francisco, California. Windhaven and I are deeply honored to have been mentioned in the May edition of the Write City Invite, and to have been afforded honorary membership in the club, as it were. Thanks, Lauren!

From Write City Invite 5.05.11

SPOTLIGHT: In Write City’s May Spotlight I’d like to introduce Wicasta Lovelace and his band, Windhaven. Wicasta told me once that “creative energy is like a force under pressure that has to find its way out” and I can’t help but think he’s living proof of that. Wicasta started writing novels (instead of doing his homework) in middle school, he’s been a musician and lyricist in the 30 years since (piling up almost 400 songs along the way), and is currently writing a six-novel series about a new kind of vampire (think “Nosferatu”, not “Twilight”) for which he’s also recording and producing a companion CD of original music.

Based out of the Tampa Bay FL area, Windhaven is Wicasta’s latest creative undertaking. Windhaven’s sound can best be described as Acoustic Blues Fusion, and is showcased on their latest CD: When the Winds Blow. A special Write City edition of this album will be sent to two lucky winners from our email list at the end of the month, in the meantime, folks who are interested in more details on Wicasta and Windhaven can check out:

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