February 19, 2012 – Windhaven

Windhaven Sunset

WINDHAVEN – February 19, 2012

Windhaven dropped by on February 19th to feature a few new songs, including their special tribute to Peggy “Mama Peggy” Chaney, as well as a handful of re-mixed and re-mastered songs from their 2011 release “When The Winds Blow”. They also talked about their next CD, tentatively titled “Live From Pagan Tea House”.

In retrospect, the album never happened, and this episode concluded the efforts of Windhaven as a project, as well as Indie Frontline as an entity. Books could be written about how epic the meltdown was surrounding Wicasta’s departure from “Rhino On Air” and the near total artistic collapse which followed. In the end, it was perhaps fitting that all of this would end with a salute to Wicasta’s mother, Peggy Chaney.

Indie Frontline – February 19, 2012

Windhaven Sunset

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