Finally Leaving York, SC

I’m just leaving the shipper. What a nightmare this turned out to be. Here’s the fun in a nutshell.
My company didn’t believe me that the guard said there was no load. So they had to call and discuss it with him themselves.
Well, the guard said that the person who would know what the deal is came in at 22:00, so I had to wait until then. Fine.
When that person came in, she told me where to go (which apparently the guard hadn’t known). But then she sent me to the wrong place. She told me there might be no one back there until 23:00. Fine.
So I went back there, went through the door into an empty plant, and waited at what I thought was the shipping desk until about 23:15, when somebody finally came in and told me I was in the wrong place, and that I should go talk to some one else who might know where I was supposed to be. Fine.
It took about another 20 minutes to track her down. But once I had, she did indeed know where I was supposed to be, and gave me accurate directions to where that was. And when I reached that part of the plant? The shipping office was locked and there was no one around. Doh!
Well, someone finally showed up around 00:30. I got out of there around 01:00. I hope to never see the place again. It took me five hours to pick up a pre-loaded trailer.

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